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STAREX Limousine
* The vehicle image is intended to assist the consumer in understanding and may differ from the actual vehicle.
* All price in Korean currency
Inchon Airport → Seoul
Seoul → Inchon Airport
Kimpo Airoirt → Seoul
Seoul → Kimpo Airoirt
Standard 3 hour
All day 10 hour 350,000
per 1 hour
Price of the provinces
Region Price Remarks
Gyeonggi-do Standard price for 3 hours + 80,000 KW surcharge Based on One-way,
applied standard 9 hours price for round trip
Chungcheong-do Standard price for 3 hours + 150,000 KW surcharge
Gangwon-do Standard price for 10 hours + 200,000 KW surcharge Based on One-way and must be
applied for accommodation free for driver
Jeollanam-do Standard price for 10 hours + 250,000 KW surcharge
Accommodation Free for Driver : 80,000\ for 1 night of accommodation, meal for 2 times.